How often will I get paid?
We send payouts twice a month, on the 1st and 15th. If those days happen to fall in a weekend, we pay on the nearest working day which is usually Monday. If you chose "Wire" as a payment system, you will get payment once a month.

Is there a minimum amount to reach in order to receive a payout?
The minimum payout is set at $100 but you can always raise it in your payment details.
If you didn't reach your minimum payout, your earnings will be carried over to the next period until the minimum payout is reached.

Q: What traffic you accept?
A: We only accept traffic from our thumbs to our content. We do not accept iframe, scheme, bots traffic, clickunder etc.

Q: Do you accept Embed traffic?
A: Yes, we pay for embedded traffic.

Q: Do you have webmaster referral program?
A: We will pay You a commission of five percent (5%) from webmasters that You refer to join Our Affiliate Program.

What countries do you buy traffic from?
Good Countries up to 1,75$ per 1K:

AU Australia , AT Austria , BE Belgium , CA Canada, DK Denmark , FI Finland , FR France , DE Germany
, GR Greece , IS Iceland , IE Ireland , IT Italy , JP Japan , LU Luxembourg , NL Netherlands , NZ New Zealand , NO Norway , SG Singapore , ES Spain , SE Sweden , CH Switzerland , US USA , GB United Kingdom
The other countries 0,25$ per 1K

How can I contact you?
Skype: drtuberaffiliate
Telegram: @Ducats